Interpreting – simultaneous interpreting

The Prelest translation agency provides simultaneous interpreting services at conferences, seminars, international meetings and other events bringing together participants from different speaking environments.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is performed in booths with event participants listening to the translation via headphones. This form of interpreting requires two interpreters who take turns interpreting.

We provide a complete and comprehensive offer. We offer interpretation equipment comprising a sound system, a booth, headphones for the participants, and a technician.

Consecutive interpreting (translation)

Consecutive interpreting is the oral rendering of spoken language into the target language without the use of equipment that is usually performed for smaller groups of people. The interpreter renders short passages of speech into the target language.

  • In business talks

Call us when you need an interpreter in talks or negotiations with foreign business partners. It is essential that you define the form of business cooperation correctly.

We offer the services of interpreter escort abroad when you visit foreign business partners with the aim of concluding contracts or conducting talks or negotiations.

  • At weddings

We offer the services of a sworn translator for weddings where someone marries a foreign future spouse.

  • In meetings with attorneys

You can hire a sworn translator when you wish to conclude a contract with a foreign citizen.

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