Certified translations

Court interpreter – certified translations

Do you need a court interpreter or a certified translation of particular documents (birth certificate, diploma, school-leaving certificate, driver’s licence, court decision, contract, annual report, etc.)?

Court interpreters – interpreters and certified translations

The Prelest translation agency in cooperation with highly trained court interpreters will help you translate and certify your documents in the shortest possible time.

A certified translation can only be provided by a court interpreter appointed and confirmed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. Based on their statement, seal and signature, a court interpreter guarantees that the translation corresponds to the original.

Court interpreter – certified translations and certification of various documents

A court interpreter can provide a certified translation and certification of a number of different documents:

  • certified translation of documents and certificates: birth certificate, certificate of evidence of resident status, good conduct certificate, diploma, CV, work permit, medical documentation, etc;
  • sworn translation of legal documents: certificate of evidence of resident status, cooperation agreement, complaint, minutes and protocols;
  • certification of corporate documents: extract from the register of companies, financial statements, balance sheet, auditor’s report, invoices, certificates, articles of association, etc.;
  • technical documentation, type approval certificate, product quality control certificate, technical specification, safety sheet, other technical documentation;
  • medical and pharmaceutical documents: medicinal products, medication specification, studies, etc.

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